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The Consortium of the Lake presents the first chapter of the documentary "Invasive alien species: Estany project."

27-01-2012:CPM -

On Friday 27 January begins the broadcast of the first introductory chapter of the documentary "Invasive alien species: Estany Project" produced by the Consortium of the lake.

The documentary "Invasive alien species: Lake Project," produced by the Consortium of the lake is part of the communication campaign for the LAKE PROJECT, which is developed under the LIFE + Nature of the European Commission. A project to restore species that are currently in danger of disappearing from the lake area of Banyoles.

The documentary is divided into 12 chapters with a duration of 8 minutes. They will issue once a week, with the aim of publicizing the problem of invasive alien species and the different actions that are developed to control them in the Lake.

The order of issue of the chapters is as follows:

  • 1. The lake, a unique natural area.
  • 2. Biological invasions, a global problem.
  • 3. The case of the Lake of Banyoles.
  • 4. Exotic fish.
  • 5. Native fish.
  • 6. Naiades.
  • 7. Exotic Turtles.
  • 8. Native freshwater turtles.
  • 9. Exotic flora.
  • 10. Scientific monitoring.
  • 11. Difusion.
  • 12. Conclusions.

The program combines images of the lake area with images and interviews with both managers, government representatives and technicians that are developing the project, with interventions of scientists and specialists in biological invasions at the state level. The Consortium has commissioned the production of the documentary in the company FromZero Banyoles.

"Invasive alien species: Lake Project" will be broadcast every Friday at 10.15 pm to Catalan Girona Plan Channel until mid April 2012. Similarly, although a week late, people can keep track of programs on the Internet and high definition (HD) through two channels: http://www/ and http://www/ From these platforms public can share videos through social networks, the programs also will be available through the website of the Consortium of the lake (

Banyoles, 26 January 2012 


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