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Community interest habitats

The space regarded as a Site of Community Importance features a series of Habitats of Interest (Directive 92/43/CEE), most of which are classified as being of Priority for conservation.

There is a predominance of hydrophilic vegetation of reeds (Typho-Schoenoplectetum glauci) and peaty reeds dominated by fens, Cladium mariscus (Soncho maritimi-Cladietum marisci [hab. cod. 7210]), forming a belt all around the lake, with communities of submerged plants of calcareous oligomesotrophic waters with bentic vegetation of Chara spp. [hab. cod. 3140] and floating hydrophytic vegetation of eutrophic lakes and waters, Potamion [hab. cod. 3150].

In the floodable lands of the proximity of the lagoons and the lake there are herbaceous communities of large cyperaceous Magnocaricion elatea, and in the above-ground but wet soils the high-grass Mediterranean meadows of Molinio-Holoschoenion [hab. cod. 6420].

The undeveloped part of the lake has a recovered area of rain forests of Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus exelsior of Alno-Podion, Alnion incanae or Salicion albae [hab. cod. 91E0] and galleried forests of Salix alba and Populus alba [hab. cod. 92A0].

The ditches that carry water and flow into the lake, permanent or intermittent, have communities of Paspalo-Agrostidion with shore vegetable curtains of Salix and Populus alba [hab. code. 3280] or only Paspalo-Agrostidion [hab. cod. 3290].
The drier forests are comprised of holm-oak woods of Quercus ilex and Quercus rotundifolia [hab. cod. 9340] and Mediterranean pinewoods of aleppo pines, Pinus halepensis, and stone pines, Pinus pinea [hab. cod. 9540].

Also of special importance are the Mediterranean-type temporary water lakes, as is the case of the platja d'Espolla [hab. cod. 3170].

Mention must be made of the presence of 15 species provided for in Annex I of the Habitats Directive and 13 species of Annex IV in the area, and which the project affects indirectly. There are also 28 species of birds that appear in Annex I of the Birds Directive.

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