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Xarxa Natura 2000 i Life Nature
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Life Technical Office

The LIFE Technical Office was created to manage the LIFE Nature project (LIFE03 NAT/E/000067) for the Restoration of the water environments of Porqueres and Banyoles.

The Technical Office is part of the Intermunicipal Management Organ of the lake area, the Consorci de l’Estany, which had to be created for the joint management of the LIFE project between the town councils of Porqueres and Banyoles.

Organisational Chart

The Project Organisational chart is as follows:

Technical Director of the Project: He executes, coordinates, controls and monitors the scheduled actions. He is the chief project technical manager.

Scientific team: It does the field work, data analysis and the scientific follow-up of the project. It advises and evaluates the actions for the preservation and recovery of the habitats.

Secretariat: Technical staff for financial control and administrative assistance to the project.

Scholarship holders: They implement the actions envisaged (creation of routes, of shore footbridges, new ditches, naturalisation of the ditches, control fauna passage, etc.)

External consultants: External auditors to check income and expenses for the final reports.


  • Technical Director of the Project

    • Miquel Campos i Llach (Director LIFE Technical Office)

  • Scientific team

    • Ramon Moreno-Amich (Chair of Ecology and Assessor in Ichthyology)

    • Lluís Vilar i Sais (Incumbent and assessor in Botany)

    • Dani Boix Masafret (Assessor in Limnology and Herpetology)

    • Lluís M. Zamora Hernández (Assessor in Ichthyology)

  • Secretariat

    • Dolors Nevado i Ballester

  • Scholarship holders

    • Marta Diaz Muñoz

    • Carme Camps Bunayog

    • Albert Ruhí Vidal

    • Josep Rost Bagudanch

  • External consultants

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