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Xarxa Natura 2000 i Life Nature
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List of actions

The 26 actions scheduled in the LIFE project can be grouped into 6 strategic lines:

A. Preparatory actions, drawing up of management and/or action plans

A.1- Base Information: topography and hydrogeology studies
A.2- Writing and approval of the Special Plan for the protection of the environment and landscape
A.3- Detection of the main black spots in the dispersion
A.4- Drafting of the project for the creation of water fauna passages
A.5- Drafting of the executive project of the routes
A.6- Review of the Regulations governing the activities and use of the Banyoles lake (RAE)

B. Buying/selling of lands and/or rights

B.1- Buying of lands for restoration

C. Special jobs for the management of the biotope

C.1- Creation and adaptation of the pedestrian routes
C.2- Construction and installation of shore footbridges
C.3- Environmental adaptation and naturalisation of the area
C.4- Creation of temporary lagoons
C.5- Naturalisation of the streams of Can Morgat and Lió
C.6- Construction of new ditches
C.7- Felling and control of exotic vegetation
C.8- Repopulation of autochthonous vegetation
C.9- Construction of fish passages
C.10- Fitting out of passages for amphibians

D. Periodical management of the biotope

D.1- Elimination of the allochthonous vegetation and maintenance of autochthonous vegetation

E. Awareness-raising among the general public and dissemination of results

E.1- Implementation of an awareness-raising and identification campaign
E.2- Publishing of a web and informative material
E.3- Signage for the network of routes
E.4- Design of the pedagogical programme by the Interpretation Centre of the Estany.
E.5- Design of a travelling exhibition
E.6- Scientific symposium of temporary Mediterranean lagoons

F. Operation of the Project

F.1- Project direction and management
F.2- Scientific monitoring

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